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  1. Altar of Love

    Altar of Love

    upon thy lips;
    forbidden the
    poisoned kiss

    the sweep
    of thy veil
    stolen breath

    lurking behind
    thy dark kohl
    eyes, while
    hunger lays

    as a ghost
    passing through
    the room

    by your essence
    twisting like a fire

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  2. Bandits in the Night

    Well I have a family of raccoons that live in my backyard. They come around everynight and like to play around the pool, eat the cats left overs and try and bathe in the cats water dish. Last night appernetly they decided to let the rabbit out. Luckily she is a very tame and docile rabbit.

    I go out this morning to feet the cats and rabbit, and there she is on the ground. And it took me a moment, because well that was the last thing I exepcted and I was like wait a minitue, something
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  3. [a003]

    by , 11-09-2008 at 09:57 PM (Writings (of old and present) & Futuristics~)

    "A gravidade centrífuga está operacional; a nau tinha, no projeto, cinco seções cilíndricas acopladas. Algo aconteceu com uma das seções de extremidade, eu não identifico ainda qual. Mesmo que tenha sido a seção principal, há um posto de comando secundário na outra extremidade, que, como herdamos em nossas naus maiores, serve como posto de comando secundário, de emergência. Mesmo que a seção primária seja a que se perdeu, os diários e registos ...
  4. Response to Virgil

    My response to Virgil's recent blog entry (itself a response to a post of mine to a recent blog of his) became so lengthy that I felt it was more practical to make it an entry of my own:

    Thanks for the response, Virg. First, I realize I came off a little more partisan than I intended when I referred to the Bush years as "divisive." To begin with, you're absolutely right that there have always been disagreements among ...

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  5. Lit Net is sick

    It's not showing new blog comments and posts on the blogs home page. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?