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    Intriguing post.

    My daughter and I have had conversations re: body composting and mandatory garbage composting recently. "A new law in California requires food waste to be composted: The goal is to reduce food waste in landfills by 75%." Feb 7, 2022 / NPR

    Hoping these modest actions will make for a brighter future for our progeny.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

    Composting is good, but many things cannot be composted. Plastics and some other organic materials can't be composted, but they can be depolymerized. A teo step process might work, but the more steps, the more it would cost. Eliminating cemetaries would be good, and that land could be used for something. Ihave never figured out why people want to save corpses. If they want a memorial, then they might try turning the corpse into a fossil, which doesn't take a terribly long time to get going. That's how I would prefer for my corpse to be handled, and afterwards, it could be set up as a statue.