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  1. The grand plan

    by , 01-24-2009 at 03:16 PM (Exiled in a kilt)
    Ok, I have been working out the numbers for a few months now, and in 10 years time I should be able to quit my job and open my own little bookshop.

    I have wanted to do this for a while & now, unless life gets in the way, it looks like I should be able to do it. Kilted's books - opening April 2019.
  2. Paralyzed


    Eyes closed
    lain awake
    counting heartbeats
    breath comes

    Senses prevail
    feeling cotton
    against fingertips
    bruise inside

    Tongue swelled
    somewhere water drips
    medicinal smells

    Soul parched
    lips cracked
    begging in silence

    Cruel reality
    gives no relief
    only torment

    in dejection
    My Poetry
  3. Polly Pocket

    The English lads whom I worked with for couple of weeks gave me a nick name: Polly Pocket!

    1. Because they think I'm cute (so they said, but I guess it's just so that I'll help him more hehehe)...
    2. Because I'm small. Every time they talked about my height, they always talked as if I were the smallest girl on planet earth ...But I think there are smaller females than me.

    It's funny that some nick names don't even related ...
  4. Lament to the Romantics

    Lament to the Romantics

    I lament that the age
    of the Romantics is gone
    and those who would carry
    on the tradition fade with time

    A new day is carried in,
    while with it brings
    unthought of things,
    must the old Chivalry
    die to make the way

    Does an unknown trail
    blazed have to lay away
    to ruin the foundation
    from which it had sprung

    Is there left no respect
    My Poetry
  5. Irony????

    by , 01-23-2009 at 11:58 AM (Insights from a person of questionable sanity)
    My job involves helping university level students with their I.T and related work/issues. It's a good experience for a teacher wanna-be.

    However today is hand in day for dissertations.

    Which means...

    I am going to kill the next person who even makes eye contact with me, no matter how pathetic and in need of help they look.

    LIFE!!! You finish uni, feel elated that ...

    Updated 02-25-2009 at 07:37 AM by optimisticnad

    Humour slash Life - practically the same thing!