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  1. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

    Some more of my twisted humur, and a bit of playing with persepctives

    Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

    Sunshine and flowers scare me
    they always have
    while most linger in their
    implied innocence

    Beneath they are sly
    while silently always
    imposing demands
    infiltrating everything
    with little tendrils

    A child's laugh is chilling
    they smile wicked smiles
    every look straight
    My Poetry
  2. Feeding time

    by , 04-23-2009 at 08:20 PM (Silas Thorne's Journal)
    Kissing wild flowers
    some nectar gets stuck to the lips.
    Wipe it off on your hand,
    and that hand remains smelling for days-
    smells a good heady smell, and that memory's caged,
    driven wild, when you're fed, writhing dreams, through the bars,
    at the feeding time.

    Updated 10-08-2009 at 08:16 PM by Silas Thorne

  3. It Only Means

    by , 04-23-2009 at 08:01 PM (~Sophia's~ Choice)
    Iíve been to the cloud forest where wind trees
    wink silver and pale magnolias dissolve

    loose petals on a white capped sea.

    Where I stepped out of a beach towel and
    thirty nine notes of Chopinís raindrops hit the shore

    I put my right foot in - I put my right foot out

    but, Iím afraid of the armís length centipede
    behind the dresser. Wiki says it lays eggs.
    Now I canít sleep -

    hard - like the ...
  4. The New Bike!!

    by , 04-23-2009 at 04:32 PM (Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy)
    So I bought my bike yesterday and here it is!

    Isnt it nice! I cycled over to my friends house on it yesterday and over to the publishers today. (mind you i got drowned on the way home ) Its so good to be back on ...
  5. the rain

    i love water. i like it so much. i use to say that whoever 'invented' it must have been really clever apart from enjoying bathing in the sea and drinking excessive proportions of water(yeah, sorry about that, i know there is not much left on the planet- i think YOU should drink less, for i just can't), i love the rain.
    the rain. atoms of H20 dropping from the sky.

    have you ever closed your eyes and hear the wishpers of the skies, revealing all their hidden ...