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  1. 20.century in 2 days

    by , 05-04-2010 at 05:07 AM (day in a life)
    There is a history test today and I have been reading like crazy. re-reading of course and taking some small test to see what I know going OK, but getting tired now. gonna take a second breakfast break like in LOTR.... I think that's OK....

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love my apartment?... I never would have imagined living somewhere and wanting to be there for ever. it's not big, I wouldn't like a big place just 2 bedrooms small kitchen and a big living room, I just really ...
  2. Deer Gunned Down By Police

    An police officer gunned down a deer in a residential area, where there were children present to witness this honorific event. And the deer was not posting a threat nor attacking the officers, and wasn't an immediate danger to anyone, in addition animal control had already been contacted an was on its way.

    But the police decided to take matters into their own hands and open fire on the deer because according to their excuse for way they did this "it was disoriented being in
  3. Having to face the world without music

    I went out go on my walk today, and I hadn't been in a while because the weather was being all strange and than I got out of the habit of it and let myself get distracted with other things, so I decided it was time to start anew and get back into the habit of it again.

    I grabbed my ipod, and turn it on and it comes one and plays for about a 2nd than goes off, and I was like hmmm that is weird. I turn it back on and it comes on and than goes out again with a dead battery, and this
    Random Musings
  4. Some days I suck like a baby

    by , 05-03-2010 at 12:30 PM (Reflections on the puddle of life)
    Be warned, this is a general moan. There's nothing wrong with me, just venting.

    It's Bank Holiday in UK today. Bank Holidays are like a gift: precious, fleeting, and not to be wasted. Not to be spent sitting in cars on motorways, but time to be spent doing something else, something relaxing, something worthwhile, something active, something.

    So most of today I've been sitting here doing nothing.

    And I've been getting gradually more and more aggitated. ...
  5. O banco, o chÃo, o sono e o sonho


    El Carmo

    Mairi. Quase trezentos quilômetros de Salvador. É verão e o ônibus chega afinal. Meio-dia. Horus, intranqüilo, desce na tranqüila cidade. Curiosos apenas observam pelas janelas. Abram as jinelas belas donzelas.
    Batia Meia-noite. O frio de outono no seu rosto. Folhas, sob os pés, caídas. Gare du Nord. Noite em Paris, primeira.
    Achou a casa do ...