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  1. jokes!(sorry to read this if you are a man!)

    well, i just received a mail from a good friend of mine, with some jokes, entitled: ways to reject men you don't like. i have translated them for you, i think they are really nice! hey doll, where have you been all of my life?
    woman: i was hiding...from you! i am aphotographer. i am looking for a face just like yours!
    woman: i am a plastic surgeon. i am also looking for a face just like yours. would you like to go ...

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  2. Calltaker Character Building

    It really used to be fun and a break in the monotony to play detective with AAA members. Top question usually is---who is REALLY with the car? I tell the tow drivers I dispatch that I read the emergency road service request like I do the Bible--literally.

    But since the Bible has different translations (usually used as an excuse by lazy readers and believers NOT to study it very hard and I plead guilty) so too can a simple ticket provided by my ineptly trained band of calltakers ...

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  3. do soul-mates exist?

    from time to time, more or less we have all heard a lot about soul-mates. about the famous alter-ego. the mirroring of ourselves in the face of someone else. many have tried to find theirs. i do not know whereas you believe in it or consider it to be a myth, a big lie created by the romantics to remind to the broken-hearted that there will always be a potential to find the ultimate lover. personally, i have dreamed of the white-knight, yes, of the fair prince riding a nice horse, a great deal. though ...

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  4. Snow? In October?

    by , 10-29-2008 at 02:22 AM (Barmy Blue's Bland Blog)
    Yup, snow in october, in England, the place famed for raining in the summer and snowing somewhere like March when schools are open and people are going to work (can never be a weekend can it?) Normally I like to see snow, espeially in such lovely thick flakes that would make the perfect blanket if they fell fast enough, But not now. Not in October, when I've got Uni. the next day and I'm going by train (which has a habbit of screwing up during the slightest bit of weather).
    Damn it's cold.
  5. Living Dead

    Living Dead

    I die inside myself
    bit by bit rot away
    given into the decay

    And my skin
    charred to ash
    like dust in the wind
    blows away.
    My Poetry