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  1. PeterL's Avatar
    I understand and partly agree, but Trump will get out of the race at some point, but he may continue getting the votes, even though he will have officially withdrawn, and votes for him will be officially be blanks.
    While a female president might be nice, I wouldn't support any females in the present field, but just because I think she has some strange and unacceptable ideas doesn't mean that she won't win. She wouldn't be as bad as Trump, but she wouldn't help the country; she is big into "nanny government"; she thinks she know how to live your life better than you do.
  2. Norm53's Avatar
    I'm counting on T's ego and a steady 39% +/- approval by his loyal followers to keep him in the running. True, Biden is a safe bet now, being familiar and likeable, like apple pie, but in an eventual 1 on 1 debate with Warren, I figure he will tumble, lose support, and I will see the first female prez take office before I join Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in that final roundup in the sky. (I can dream, can't I?)
  3. PeterL's Avatar
    I'm not completely certain about anything with Trump, but there will come a point where he will realize that the criminal acts add up to more time than he is willing to waste, and that he is liable for damages, and the damages my add up to several billion.

    Lizzie might end up winning. I wouldn't put money on it, but it is possible.
  4. Norm53's Avatar
    Don't be so sure that Trump will fold in spite of his encumbrances. He has proven to be wily. Whoever the Republicans chose, I am pulling for Warren: she's the smartest of the opposition and I like her politics.