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  1. Failures of Sex-Ed curriculums

    Well recently in Ontario there was this big hoopla over some amendments made to the sex-ed curriculum of the province, the resistance lead to the province scrapping any potential revisions altogether.

    Among the amendments that caused trouble was the introduction of education on genital anatomy in grade 1 and teaching about anal intercourse and vaginal lubrication in grade 7. Now, I can understand how some parents can object to the age ranges for this stuff.

    However, ...

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    LGBT Issues
  2. isolation

    by , 04-22-2010 at 05:10 PM (day in a life)
    well airports in iceland will be closed tomorrow because of the ash, that means I need to close all windows and try and make sure everything is airtight here. school is optional here tomorrow but I need to work so my son will go to to school. they have a program in case it gets very bad and I only work five hours so if it looks bad I'll just pick him up early and stay inside. I'm mainly worried about my dogs, I can put a scarf by my mouth and nose when I go out and so can my son but I don't think ...
  3. In Search of Solitude...

    In our modern hectic life I guess there is very little room for solitude. We are constantly on the move. Either physically going from A to B - and for those who work there is no escape from this - or mentally - hopping channel after channel, or going from one website to another.

    Some equate solitude with loneliness. But it's not. Loneliness is when you desire the company of others and don't have it. Solitude is when you have the company of others but choose to be alone.

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  4. A Moment of the Impossible

    Some 2 or 3 years ago I heard this song playing in the theater before the movie started and it was an older song, and one I had not heard in a long time, and I recognized the sound of it, but had no idea what it was called or who sang it and I wanted to find out what the song was but by the time the movie was over I could not really remember enough of the lyrics to look it up.

    I tried posting in a few different places asking if other people might know giving what very vague and little
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  5. I Walk Through this Golden Morning

    I Walk Through this Golden Morning
    and marvel at these flowering trees
    of pink and purple and green,
    and I can't help but say,
    "Nam Myoho Ren Ge Kyo."

    Each tree stands in non-duality,
    a bridge between earth and sky,
    a cornerstone of this Universe,
    symbolic of the nameless Dao,
    a part and complete representation of this Dharma realm,
    a Pure Land filled with Lotus flowers
    as the building blocks of reality, ...