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  1. Words

    Words, can they express
    what is real

    the shifting from illusion to reality,
    from madness to sanity,

    from waking up from a dream of separateness
    to reaching the depths of one's existence - the source,

    can they ever express the reality of infinity,
    can they express the infinity of love?

    Waking up, waking up... the shifting from illusion
    to self-conscious infinite reality.
    Waking up from the dream ...
  2. The world was his oyster

    by , 04-23-2010 at 11:47 PM (the ocean always dreamed blue dreams)
    Shakespeare used a wider variety of words than any author living or dead. About 3,000 words are believed to have been invented by him. The English language has incorporated about 1200 of those words. Wow! Here is a link to a list of words and phrases attributed to him:

    Some words and phrases that Shakespeare is said to have invented were already in use, ...

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  3. Barnes & Nobles or Breaking the 10th Commandment

    When the IRS decided enough was enough last year one of the consequences was that I hadn't visited Barnes and Nobles in almost a year as utilities and comics were on a slightly higher priority.

    Finishing up the first four days off in a row from the salt mines I've had in months. Our schedule is cumbersome and once a month we get four off to compensate but the shortage on second shift has resulted in overtime by which I am readjusting to my new bargain with IRS. They are settling ...

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  4. Happy Birthday William Shakespeare

    Happy Birthday William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare might be the coolest guy who ever lived. I have said that when and if I get to heaven, I would love to hang out with Willy It would be a blast, having a beer at whatever pub exists within the pearly gates, having watched one of his plays dramatized, and recounting many funny moments. There are many images of William. There is Shakespeare the avant-garde, Shakespeare the liberal free lover, Shakespeare the bi-sexual, Shakespeare ...
  5. April 23.

    by , 04-23-2010 at 03:10 PM (day in a life)
    just a short message today in celebration of Shakespeare's birthday. in his honor I will read a few of my favourite sonnets before going to bed tonight, maybe soon I'll finish my tattoo that symbolizes him. it's a spear being shaken I want to add a part of my favourite sonnet too....

    on a volcano note, everything is ok at the moment and not much ash, the kids didn't play outside today but it's ok at the moment..