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  1. The Year 2554

    Sunday was Buddha Day, year 2554 in the Buddhist calendar.

    We usually go over to the Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda in Birmingham, but were unable to do so this year.

    Here is the Pagoda:

    Tha Pagoda has a really nice feel to it, and it is used for teachings, meditation and hosting events such as this year's Buddha day. It has relics in a small alcove ...
  2. ahhhh

    by , 04-26-2010 at 06:03 PM (Living Breathing Contradiction...)
    computer crashed again, so will have to use library. might be a while before im back.
  3. My Queen in Ice

    I'm held captive behind her frozen walls
    a prisoner in icy towers
    in my dreams I see her smile
    made so bitter and brittle
    how wistful her blue eyes
    and I know I have been
    locked away
    My Poetry
  4. Wicked clash

    The heart is stubborn and juvenile.

    When reason talks, it stays silent.

    But out of resistance and defiance.

    Surely, it just never listens.

    The heart silently murmurs its own certainty as reason brusquely speaks.

    The certainty that it beats for you.




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  5. A Cloisters in New York

    I have long been a huge fan of medieval art. It was probably through my love of medieval art... which broke many of the "rules" of Western Art from the Renaissance through the late-19th century (with regard to illusionism/realism) that first led me to an appreciation of Modernism. I found that if I could recognize that the "expressive" distortions of a Romanesque sculpted figure or the "flatness" of a medieval Iberian painting or book illumination were not the result ...