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  1. today (lack of originality)

    Well, my boss is very nice for letting me use his computer. He let me yesterday, too; that was in the afternoon. My mom dropped me off here before she went to work.

    I figured out part of what contributed to my unusual state yesterday. During the day, I was reading "Pride and Prejudice" for like, 6 hours, so I think that impacted me somehow. Strange.
  2. hay ride and test

    He kids and I went on a hay ride last Saturday night and had the best time. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire and had hot apple cider. We got to be with some people that we all enjoy and it was so fun. The kids had a wonderful time. They played by a creek and caught tadpoles and frogs and the grown ups had just as much fun telling stories and laughing about things that happened. Mason got his feet wet in the cold creek water and had fever for a few days, but is doing better now. ...
  3. ~andy~

    by , 09-19-2007 at 07:03 AM (Living Breathing Contradiction...)
    so hes gone now for the next 720 DAYS, i guess i thought if he cared i could pursuade him not to go, and not to leave. this is crazy, how on earth have i come to care so much for someone ive never met??? i think he tripped me rawr! grr! i miss him...i wish i could make it two years from now...but then i would be a senior and i kinda like my sophy status i kinda want to go curl up and cry for hours, but i keep getting told to be strong, and no one knows whats going on to ...
  4. Cowboy Stew

    We occasionally have a pot-luck at my work. Everyone brings something and we all share. Last Friday, we decided to have one in honor of two young men from Baku Azerbaijani who were working at our store for the summer. Friday was their last night with us.
    These guys were so nice and such hard workers and we all fell in love with them. So, in honor of our friends leaving, we decided to feed them a good old American Style pot-luck supper.
    Now, Iím not known for my cooking abilities. I ...
  5. Arriving at the Point of Departure

    Finally I have arrived in the realm of the Blogs! or should it be "Blorgs" or perhaps Borgs? Or even the realm of the Bored perhaps? :-)

    It does seems that it is more like the infamous Borg Collective with around 10 million "Drones" logging on to the "Hive" and downloading their "Mind Data" for no reason at all and for no purpose at all...The Human Technology that so conveniently eliminated all the distances between all the points on this amazing ...