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  1. Two faces

    From the movie Traitor

    All religions have two faces
  2. a cry for help

    people don't respond to my comments or blog entries, so here is my deepest, most heartfealt apology and meditation. please, everyone, listen to this, with the most fervent wish for peace and prosperity for humanity. when everyone grows of one heart, the heart of light, all problems are gone-- so everyone, give your energy and power to the heart of light, the one light, which all people embrace.

    now meditate on this.

    you are slipping from your material world.

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  3. I am sick of Stephenie Meyer

    For me, this is a sad sad time for true vampire affianado and lovers of the Vampire. I have been fascinated with the vampire for just about as long as I can recall, and now I am in despair that it seems a whole new generation of Vampire fans are going to move in on our turf, but in my book they are just a lot of wannabes and do not have the true essence of the vampire soul.

    Of what tragedy in the world of the undead do I speak.

    The dreaded and horrible and Stephanie
    The Darkness
  4. Updates on Bob and Mom and Other Things

    Well, I haven't blogged in a while. So letís update on a couple of things.

    First on Bob, yes the Bob on my project that I talked about a couple of blog entries back. As a refresher we that problem where he went against the team decision and we had a confrontation and I essentially let him off the hook because he was repentant and his actions turned out ok. Well, he has continued to be a problem team member. He continues to not complete actions assigned and he over ran his salary ...
  5. Hey Sister, Go Sister

    I just finished Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreisser. This is one of those books that I just don't know how to react to it. I enjoyed it and I was truly interested in the ultimate disposition of the characters, but there are several aspects of the novel that intrigue me.

    First, the title. There are essentially only three characters in the book -- Charles Druet, George Hurstwood, and Carrie. The story, like so many of the novels of this period, is about money and class structure. ...

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