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    Quote Originally Posted by Healserv
    your right Peter I agree with you
    That's great. That means that there are at least two intelligent people. It's a pity that we aren't running the country.
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    your right Peter I agree with you
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    Oh, this hurts to hear. May her memory be a blessing!
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    Interesting Subject

    Pompey Bum had posted a thread last week asking “How do you write?” I suppose at first sight that’s a reasonable request, as this is after all a Literature Forum, and one would suppose that there would be a fair percentage of Lit Netters that not only read widely, but also indulge in a bit of creative writing themselves. To me it’s as normal as breathing. I presumed all persons had a creative style which they expressed differently; whether it be through: writing, painting, cooking; even though sport, bodybuilding or dancing.

    Early man might have been too preoccupied regards basic survival to be really creative; though primitive cave paintings and the evolvement of basic inventions would prove me somewhat wrong.

    I suppose I’m basically saying that I had never even considered another human being not having a creative side, even those with little formal education.

    Would it have a physical aspect, derived from our genes or having been breast fed, whatever? Or is it there in everyone, but requires to be identified, nurtured and developed? I don’t know.

    When it comes to mental illness, I am not formally qualified to pass judgement. That being said, I am a writer and by definition a “watcher” of human behaviour over the last 75 years, and I always ask myself the question; that in cases of marginal, (not full blown) mental illness where and in what circumstances did it develop. Napoleon had a thing about his height, Hitler as a patriotic German was humiliated by his experiences in the trenches & in the defeat of Germany in the First World War. He needed a scapegoat. Someone to blame and the Jews were convenient; even though he was sincerely grateful to the Jewish doctor who treated his mother for breast cancer free of charge when he was penniless. Trump himself has a dark past: a brother who died through alcohol abuse, a dominant father ruthless in business, and something in the relationship with his mother that one can never quite put the finger upon. No wonder Putin cultivated, or controlled him through his past and existing weaknesses.