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  1. Night Life

    Love lights flash at night
    serenades begin at sunset
    subtle strife for life and death

    Stillness masks chaos
    unseen wars and romances
    beauty hangs on dangers edge.
    My Poetry
  2. Let Me Be Happy For You From a Comfortable Distance

    I am sure I am being cynical and others will think I am a terrible bad person, but I have already embraced that about myself, so I don't really care. I am of the opinion that weddings are entirely selfish and self-indulgent. You met someone whom makes you feel happy and special, and you want to pledge to spend your whole life with them, yay for you. I am happy for you, I think that is great, go, have fun....but leave me out of it. Acknowledge that I am happy for you, but I just don't care enough ...
  3. The Tyrannical Nine

    It is fair that you wear
    the color of mourning
    for we mourn the loss
    of your integrity, dignity, and honor,
    and glibly you wear the blood
    of the lives you so
    cavalierly destroy.

    It is right you wear
    the color of mourning
    for you have disgraced
    your duty, and slaughtered
    our rights so smugly.

    It is just that you wear
    the color of mourning
    for within your courts
    all justice ...
    My Poetry
  4. Unindependence Day!

    Needless to say I have decided that I will no longer be celebrating the 4th of July aka Independence Day. In our house we started referring to it as National BBQ Day. I had actually come to this idea before it became an actual poplar movement. I think it is kind of cool that as soon as I thought of doing this, everyone started talking about doing the same thing online. But me reasons are slightly different than that of most people.

    The majority of people who are talking about boycotting ...
    Random Musings
  5. There and Gone and Back Again

    Yes it has been a long time, and a lot has happened, but I am still alive, I did not fall into a black hole, and in spite of my many efforts to summon Cthulhu I have not become lost in the vast abyss. It is possible though that I have fallen through a rabbit hole or two and had to attempt to navigate a mad mad world. And maybe for a while I have lingered in the land of the lotus eaters.

    So now I am going to attempt to re-enter reality...or was I in reality before and I am now attempting ...