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  1. Sandra Bullock's Adoption

    Perhaps youíve seen that Sandra Bullock has adopted. To be honest I barely know who Sandra Bullock is; Iím not hip with pop stars. Since my wife and I are in the process of adopting, I thought this an interesting read and I searched around for a number of perspectives. Unfortunately most of what I read was silly celebrity news, but there are a couple of tid bits that raised some eye brows.

    First she is adopting as a single mom. I guess this was a late development since she is ...
  2. What is that song?

    I happened to catch this commercial for a new Ford Mustang on TV and once again my attention was caught by the song. I tried to google the commercial which usually works, but first it was hard to track to the particular commercial I wanted and then when I found the right commercial, I could not find any mention of the song in the commercial anywhere. I have tried looking it up in a dozen different ways, and some of the lyrics are not that clear to make out, but I tried to google what of the lyrics ...
  3. Counting raptures

    - that Christmas-morning feel

    - comfortable robes

    - house in a valley at dusk and sunset

    - fireplace

    - sitting outside with a guitar

    - morning coffee in the province

    - puto, mangga and tsokolate

    - revisiting old elementary schools

    - sleep-overs for "thesis and school projects" (note the quotes)

    - buying pandesal from the vendor on a bike

  4. Once again my cats are reading my mind

    As I am sure you all know by now from the various previous stories I have posted about my cats, all of my cats are out door cats because they are all feral, so at night I lock them in the garage.

    My cat Zeo has particularly strong objections to being locked in at night, and he will usually never come in voluntarily. His preferred place to sleep is usually on the roof of the porch over the front door. The only times he will come in willingly is usually if it is really windy out or
    Random Musings
  5. 50 Greatest Movie Moments of all Time

    by , 04-28-2010 at 06:58 PM (A Mirror Floating in Water)
    I was bored so I decided to pay tribute by making a list of what I find to be the greatest moments in the history of cinema. Most of this list is just off the top of my head, but I have strong convictions about it lol.

    The greatest cinema is a series of great moments or scenes, this is the greatest of cinema. Be aware, there may be some spoilers! (in order to make this list as spoiler-free as possible, I sometimes use euphemisms or suggestions of what scene or moment I am talking ...