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    Quote Originally Posted by Buh4Bee
    I like the idea of using a character in a painting to inspire your poetry.
    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buh4Bee
    But it might be good for ugly people.
    Yes, it is their opportunity to shine.
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    But it might be good for ugly people.
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    That is true, but it might harm the rest of humanity.
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    If your ugly and have beautiful eyes, this might be your moment to shine.
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    I talk to people and we all sound the same. It feels like a kinda randomness but it is all centered around the virus. Hopefully, the restrictions will start to be lifted in your country. That great news that your dad id recovering even with an underlying condition.
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    I like the idea of using a character in a painting to inspire your poetry.
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    You are welcome!
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    Thank you so much !... I appreciate the song so much more.
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    My translation attempt (without rhyme and rhythm)

    Bullet train
    Itīs not about having all the people of the world to oneself
    Itīs about knowing that somewhere someone cares for you
    Itīs about being able to listen and hear more than one’s own voice
    Itīs about dancing in the rain of life that pours on us

    Itīs about feeling oneself infinite
    In a vast and beautiful universe, itīs about being able to dream
    And so make worthwhile every verse of that poem
    About believing.

    Itīs not about reaching the top of the world and feeling winner
    Itīs about climbing and getting tougher on the way,
    Itīs about being shelter and also finding shelter in other hearts
    And so, have friends in all situations

    One canīt have everything,
    What would be the fun of life if one could?
    That’s why I prefer the smiles
    And the presents life brought me.

    Itīs not about all the things money can buy
    But about each moment and smile one can share
    Neither is it about running against time for more and more riches
    Because when one least expects it, time has been left behind.

    So, hold your kid on your lap
    Smile and hold your parents while they are still here
    For life is a bullet train, brother,
    And we are only passengers ready to depart!
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    And, tailor, you are under no obligation to post cat pics , at least not here!
    ... (lol) Oh! Thank you! I've been feeling Her influence as of late.

    Loved the song (shared on facebook). Not earwormy to me, very light and uplifting. She sings so fast though; it was hard to catch all the lyrics... the video was very sweet.
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    Loved "Sign of Hope". I found This Brazilian hit sung in English, a bit earwormy perhaps:

    And, tailor, you are under no obligation to post cat pics , at least not here!
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    What I'm listening now with Binaral beats:
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    (lol) not finicky at all... My language skills continually fail me. I was using Duolingo (free) to brush up on my marginal French and was doing well until a tsunami of ennui hit (sigh). Hope to pick it up again... and maybe some Italian for when I visit my Brother
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    I have an orphaned google web page that I attempted to update after google changed their format that proved problematic... I will revisit (hopefully) as it has the bulk of my 700+ poems up to a year or so ago (It may still be in my profile ? will check in a bit)... also my orphaned blog (sigh).
    - tailor
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    Thanks for posting that, tailor, itīs so much to the point!

    Google is improving much in rhyme translation!

    Only, please donīt think me to finicky, I would replace "who" by "that" in the verses:

    "Was a nice summer
    who does not end
    Every day a highway
    who is open to me"

    I am going to post the song on the German sites now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tailor STATELY
    (lol) Just fixed the "until I realized that one had to be logged in to visualize it". I missed ticking a box that allows non-members to view my posts some how... thank you for bring this to my attention
    Oh I thought, it was intended. Anyway, thanks for fixing it. You mentioned other pages. Are they drafts of this one?