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  1. Niamh and Kilteds Place!

    by , 05-21-2010 at 04:40 PM (Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy)
    So finally got the place more or less sorted out for when Kilted arrives! Got the sofabed and and two piece dining set yesterday. Spent all day working on constructing the table and chairs!! here are some pictures!

    This is the Livingroom! Look at all bookcase that came with the flat! Pretty!

  2. Gentrification

    by , 05-21-2010 at 02:11 PM (Rabid Thinking)
    One of the places I spent much of my childhood was in Vancouver BC. My mother worked as a research assistant for Anthropologist studying prostitutes in the Vancouver Redlight district. In my time in British Columbia, I was always astonished on how free the people there were. There was a segment of the population that choose restraint and longed for control, but they were minimal at best. The city wasn't perfect obviously the legends of drug related crime and gang conflicts were very much a reality ...
  3. Itís A Manís World Out Here

    There are not a lot of people here in Shymkent that speak English. Oh some people know a word or two, but hardly more than that. Weíre lucky in a way. A couple from the United Kingdom (Wales, specifically) is also out here for their adoption, and my wife has been in contact with them for at least a month through email. She met them through an adoption online community. They have been in Shymkent for this past month and they had a good feel for the town. Once we got settled we met up with them ...
  4. King of the Wind

    King of the Wind

    Soul-flier above
    wings of fire catch the sun
    hover in dawn's light
    fly across the burning sky
    with feathers alight
    dancing between the shadows
    of the fading night
    arisen from his slumber
    king of the east wind
    surveys his desert kingdom
    ride high on the wind
    a dagger cutting through air
    perfect symmetry
    between agileness and strength
    with a regal grace
    My Poetry
  5. The Day We Became Gods!

    Craig Venter and his team have built the genome of a bacterium from scratch and incorporated it into a cell to make what they call the world's first synthetic life form

    Incredible achievement?

    or Pandora's Box has been finally opened?

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