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  1. Cleaning Up the Crap at #6

    This poem was submitted for the Subject Poetry Contest.

    Cleaning Up the Crap at #6

    Each morning before work and during lunch,
    In a business suit and Italian shoes,
    I walked the path around Reservoir Six.
    I thought "there are so many ways to lose".

    A new career, a new wife, a new walk
    Five ties, two blazers (blue), one ham sandwich -
    And litter here and there, on this and that.
    I thought "what ...
  2. The Hyacinth Bloom

    The Hyacinth Bloom

    The first flush of lips
    brought together
    in a spreading warmth
    of passion awakened.

    Love born beneath
    the sunlight,
    with his radiating caress,
    stirring unknown senses
    Apollo in his brilliance
    enfolds sweet tender
    Hyacinth to his enflamed

    The gentle lad with
    dark falling locks trembles
    with yearning at the touch
    of his lover divine.
    My Poetry
  3. Follow your heart

    by , 05-11-2010 at 02:24 PM (Unshackling the feelings)
    Unshackle yourself from the stagnancy
    And find a river to flow with its vigour.

    Break the fences of slavery to the wage.
    Just follow your heart, you will prosper.
  4. Politics....

    by , 05-11-2010 at 02:02 PM (day in a life)
    well I just came back from my exam in politics, I think it went great but we'll see when the results come in... tomorrow it's German and I really hate learning languages, I'm ok in Danish but I suck in German, let's hope it will go ok... when I pass this one I only have one course left so I hope it will go ok.

    my mom is babysitting for my for a few hours so I can study then he comes home and I'm gonna read him a story than back to the books. I feel kinda guilty but tomorrow it will ...
  5. Peter Paul Rubens- The Garden of Love


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