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  1. My teachers

    A few weeks ago - longer? - I was reflecting on my life and my teachers, and I realized how many of the German geniuses and poets have been important to me. . . It roughly went Hesse - Goethe, Japsers, Fichte, Meister Eckhart, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer - these last two are wonderful to read, but also to set down, as they, especially the former, emphasized thinking for oneself above all else - and so many times it has come back to Goethe, and others - then, when I started studying from Novalis, was ...
  2. Yoga in the Park

    Naturally, when one thinks of knife throwing the next thing which immediately pops into mind is Yoga. I mean clearly those are two activities which compliment each other perfectly. Yes, needless to say I am still enjoying me avid pursuit of knife throwing and I think I am making some progress with it. And for those of you who are on the edges of your seat wondering what the outcome is of my epic battle with Mr. Cup. I have to report that thus far my arch-nemesis remains undefeated and has been ...
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  3. Love's Trinity by Alfred Austin

    Soul, heart, and body, we thus singly name,
    Are not in love divisible and distinct,
    But each with each inseparably link'd.
    One is not honour, and the other shame,
    But burn as closely fused as fuel, heat, and flame.

    They do not love who give the body and keep
    The heart ungiven; nor they who yield the soul,
    And guard the body. Love doth give the whole;
    Its range being high as heaven, as ocean deep,
    Wide as the realms
  4. Christmas Continued Part 3 Seems Silly

    by , 02-01-2015 at 04:17 PM (Barmy Blue's Bland Blog)
    Alternative title Of Course I've Seen Doctor Who Now.
    Alternative alternative title Kids
    Alternative alternative you get the idea title Updates.

    Just cut my nails. They were too long for typing comfortably again. So I haven't finished the stuff from Christmas. Yeah well, you know that's what I'm like.

    You know how sometimes you want to write or feel you should write something but just can't get into it then stuff builds up and there's so much to ...

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  5. Who is the infidel?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Ahmad View Post
    Who is the infidel?

    "Those are the worst people to neighbour"

    The bygone decades of 19th century told us more of the aggressive soul of people of influence and as we know that the feudalism class, is one of the considerable classes of those people of influence especially in Iraq- countryside.
    However, the aggressive soul that we are accustomed to noticing its features among those classes is not particularly the only feature of the injustice and oppression