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  1. music therapy-indian

    Music therapy in Indian perspective As a global theme

    Many people ask,which music you prescribe for this disease/For that disease?We cannot prescribe music as we do drugs,and that is the first principle which we have to give our prospective music therapists as well as clients.Others say,it is just a hypnosis or selfhypnosis.What is the difference between thinking about riding a a bicycle or driving a car and actual riding/driving?Unless you put something to practice in the present,no ...

    The New York Subway system has had more than its share of urban legends. Especially over the past thirty or forty years, a massive and strange collection of tales and stories evolved that are as massive and strange as NYC's netherworld of rapid (usually) transportation. Weird and dangerous creatures were said to lurk along the hundreds of stations and miles of tracks which comprise the subway: monsters and zombies, ghosts and vampires, snakes and alligators (the bigger the better, of course) were ...
  3. I don't have an ID!

    I don't have an ID! I left it in Oklahoma - (Don't ask!) So, um, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a job without an ID? Haha. At least I have a library card, though...

    Anyway, when I get one, I'll get a job, and then I'll have GREEN GREEN GREEN MONEY!! yahahahayayay, let's all be obsessed with money.

    No, just kidding, let's let our worries about money drift away..
  4. The Importance of Notebooks in My Writing


    Introduction to SECTION IX


    The material below, not originally part of this 5th edition, has been added as an appendix. This appendix may be useful for future autobiographical, biographical and historical work. Since such a substantial part of my life has been spent compiling and utilizing notebooks in my teaching, my personal study and my writing, it seemed relevant to include this commentary ...
  5. On self Characterization

    by , 08-25-2007 at 10:16 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    The Editor's thread that asks"Who is your favorite literary character?" brought this blog back to mind, especially since I mentioned some of the same characters.

    I was thinking about people and how they describe themselves. Most people can't be counted on to accurately characterize themselves, although there are exceptions. I was rereading the Flashman chronicles because I got so annoyed at bad writing when I read Dan Simmons' Empyrion. Fraser had Flashman characterize himself, ...

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