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  1. AAA and the Cheerleader--Not What You think

    Let the record show that not once during this transaction did I or the AAA member ever raise their voices or say hateful things to each other.

    That's only because I didnt get to have the last word.

    It started as a tow on the interstate from Dayton OH to Columbus OH. The Columbus AAA had sent the call over via computer. The location was a borderline call and the computer picked a station we did NOT want to run the call. That station was taking over 90 minutes just ...

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  2. The Gathering - Isobelle Carmody

    by , 01-31-2010 at 04:32 AM (Foxtrot's Theories)
    Write a text response that supports some reader’s suggestion that Carmody’s main message in The Gathering is that all humans possess the potential to be evil.

    Isobelle Carmody delivers reference to people and their potential to be evil throughout her novel, The Gathering. The human race is able to behave in a satanic manner and Carmody establishes that anyone can do so. There are circumstances where even the ‘good guy’, Nathaniel, thinks of conforming to the ...
  3. Extended Metaphor - I am a Rock

    by , 01-31-2010 at 06:46 AM (Foxtrot's Theories)
    Extended Metaphor - I am a Rock.

    I brought there, the standing,
    Supporting them in turn
    Something now they come to,
    A back bone when they fall.
    Though I am still a home ground,
    They live on me,
    I am a rock.

    I seem only of use and burden
    An unappreciated lifeline.
    No more can they visit such,
    No more, until they need.
    Yet I’ve still seen before,
    I know a life they craft
    I’m the living ...
  4. The Popularity Contest of the Olympics

    I never much cared for figure skating, that is as an Olympic event to watch, especially not the paired skating. For one thing because I find it quite boring to watch and for two because well it is quite pointless, I don't even know why they bother having rules, the judges or just going to give points to whoever they personally like at the time.

    Even though ice skaters are all a bunch of prima donnas, when you are in the Olympics, you are suppose to be the best there is what you do,
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  5. Back to the Grindstone

    I've been back from holidays now for just over a week, and I've got a severe case of realityitis. Work is depressing and I'm sorely missing a certain someone. It's very hard to go back to text messages after having them in real life for two weeks.

    My bad mood has meant that I'm making more effort to keep myself busy, so I don't dwell on my little miseries. I even went jogging tonight, after playing a netball Grand Final this morning - we lost - so you can tell I'm in dire straights ...