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  1. Dumped and Goodbye

    Hey everybody!! I'm heading out tommorrow for MEXICO!!! I'm so excited! I probably won't have access to internet I won't be on for a week or so. Just wanted to say talk to you later before I left.

    Okay, now its time for less happy stuff and some funny stuff.

    My friend is heading off to college next year. Well, he is doing Army ROTC. Anyways, he just called me to say that he got his dorm room. Its a suite, he got it since he doesn't have to ...
  2. truth or lie?

    The truth in the lie
    There was in Crete a man called St Paul Epimenidus.He once said:
    All crete dwellers are liars.
    Epimenidus is a crete dweller.
    Therefore Epimenidus is a liar.
    So there are 2 possibilities from what he said we can assess.
    1.Either he is a bogus person ,a liar like all cretans as he claims to be.
    2.Or ,he is a person who utters the truth,and then all crete people also must be like him true people.
    Both are possible.This is ...
  3. Poetry/Ecomnium

    Pt Two to Mod American Poetry (all under revision)



    Once upon a midnight dream I saw
    Twin toppled towers astride a mottled moon
    Which from below a dim-lit bower gazed on
    Between two tree tops hung in wretched gloom

    The arbor door cracked, revealed a somber sprite
    Whose hollowed eyes bespoke some horrid tale
    A tragic figure! This small frame all wrapped in white ...
  4. Aesthetics in Music

    Indian Aesthetics -The Personal and Impersonal
    Dr Suvarna Nalapat

    The English word language comes from Latin lingua and from the Sanskrit root linga which means the sign ,the toungue and the male generative organ.It denotes any means of expression/revelation or communication of thoughts and feelings.Therefore ,the Sanskrit word for language is Bhaasha ,from the root Bha ,to shine,to express or reveal.Bha is always related to light,so that it is something with a form (roopa)and ...
  5. Café, not cubicle!

    Besides haunting used book stores, cafés are among my favorite places to work. By work I mean write, just like in the old days of Hemingway and Oscar Wilde.

    [QUOTE]“The mass believes that it has the right to impose and to give force of law to notions born in the cafe.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]“In my painting of the 'All -Night Cafe' I've tried to express the idea that the ...