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  1. Don't Go...

    by , 04-22-2007 at 12:18 AM (Kiz_Paws Bag Of Trix)
    I sit at this keyboard, calm and collect, with coffee at my fingertips and the Pride & Prejudice Soundtrack softly playing in the background…. time to reflect...

    I need to get mellow here because the reality is that someone very close to me is breathing their last, and just being in their presence is fairly inspiring. For all their suffering, they ask me how me and mine are, truly caring about the mundane, and all that I take for granted.

    This person is only five
  2. Date Talk!

    I was at a flea market a few years ago, and had to purchase this little book. It is really (unintentionally) funny and an interesting look at social roles from 40 years ago. I had to type it in myself, it is so old and quite obscure.

    Date Talk: How to talk to a a girl.
    by R. N. Lawrence published 1967
    back cover:
    (He's thinking) Why do I always freeze up when I'm around a girl I like?
    (She's thinking) What can I do to get him started talking?
  3. Rants R' Us

    Kathy the malcontent. So are you like me? Do things ever just make you miffed? Does the word "miffed" make you want to hurl? If you want to accentuate the negative (if only for a few minutes) then you picked the right blog for the job. Join me for a spot of tea and a rant session, won't you?

    1.) The title of this blog. Ha ha, I am making a silly reference to a well known toy store in the United States. (Toys R' Us)
    But let's consider this...R' business. ...
  4. Temperament Types

    Andave had a great blog this morning (I'm very passionate about psychology as well, at least as a means to understand oneself). To continue the topic I figured I'd post my results from various websites.
    Kathy, you're an INFP as well, so these apply to you:

    From PTTYPES, a Christian Psychology Website (

    I'll mention not to rely on their chart that draws parallels between all the various personality tests. It's not 100% accurate. ...
  5. Game modding 101

    Since I tend to prattle on about my hobby of game modding, I thought I would explain a little more about it. I know nobody will be interested, but I am just silly that way.

    A game mod is player created content or "modification". Basically games that support modding will have tools released by their development company that typically accompany the game itself, or can be downloaded for free. These are the same tools that the developer uses when they create the game, so ...