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  1. Once again my cats are reading my mind

    As I am sure you all know by now from the various previous stories I have posted about my cats, all of my cats are out door cats because they are all feral, so at night I lock them in the garage.

    My cat Zeo has particularly strong objections to being locked in at night, and he will usually never come in voluntarily. His preferred place to sleep is usually on the roof of the porch over the front door. The only times he will come in willingly is usually if it is really windy out or
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  2. 50 Greatest Movie Moments of all Time

    by , 04-28-2010 at 06:58 PM (A Mirror Floating in Water)
    I was bored so I decided to pay tribute by making a list of what I find to be the greatest moments in the history of cinema. Most of this list is just off the top of my head, but I have strong convictions about it lol.

    The greatest cinema is a series of great moments or scenes, this is the greatest of cinema. Be aware, there may be some spoilers! (in order to make this list as spoiler-free as possible, I sometimes use euphemisms or suggestions of what scene or moment I am talking ...
  3. Compassion for Souls, and Honoring One’s Charge

    -April 27th, 2010

    Last August I experienced my second mission trip to Guatemala. It had been explained to the team that each year’s trip is always different than the last; the team dynamic is always suited to exactly what the Holy Spirit desires, and the type of outreach done seems always to vary depending on the needs of the people we go to serve. The morning we went to the inner city near this location called the Terminal, I was mentally and spiritually out of sorts. The night before ...
  4. Why I Refuse to Let a Banana Win: A Meditation

    Sometimes I can be a little competitive. And other times I can be a lot competitive. The competitive drive peaks when I pit myself versus myself. If I set a goal for myself, I need to finish it. Especially if this goal is frivolous, inconsequential, or otherwise meaningless. (Yes, I know that last sentence is a fragment).

    So I have this silly pet peeve: picky eaters. Unless you're 5 or are deadly allergic to mushrooms, you should not pick them off your pizza. Just eat the damn thing ...

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  5. School... what is that again...

    by , 04-28-2010 at 10:28 AM (day in a life)
    well exams will be starting next week and I have a lot to do studying like crazy and trying to juggle everything, lucky me I get two weeks of from work starting next monday so I'll be able to focus on school. then it's summer school, but I won't take many classes, just 2 or 3. I'm also scheduling next winter and hoping I can finish in one year I need to go over it again and talk to some people at school and see what is left.

    I'm very tired and for some 'wonderful' reason my son wakes ...