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  1. Old Music is like a sweet smell

    Are there certain records you heard years ago that sometimes you hear and it takes you right back to those times? You never found out what the song or group was, and so when you finally hear it, you are there in the past?

    I have a number that are like this, but of course I won’t remember until I hear them again. The problem in the past was that it was virtually impossible to find out the name of the song or group you liked until you heard it again and asked. The internet has changed ...

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  2. J.S. Bach and the Mass in B-minor

    Today yet another Bach purchase arrived in the mail... although in this instance the work is something of the Holy Grail of Bach recordings:

    Last December I had planned upon purchasing this set of Bach recordings by Gardiner...

    ... but I ended up putting off this purchase wanting to save the money ...
  3. French Mélodies part 3

    French Mélodies Part 3

    I was looking over my CD shelves today and found myself somewhat (OK... not really) surprised that I own far more music by Russian composers than I do by French composers... in spite of my expressed preference (and in spite of the fact that my collection of the greatest Russian composer, Tchaikovsky, is woefully malnourished). What I have come to recognize is that there is a huge gaping void in French music that limits the amount of music I have by French composers ...

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  4. French Mélodies Part 2

    French Mélodies Part 2: Gérard Souzay

    My preference has long been for female singers... at least when dealing with the repertoire of the French Mélodies. The music and the poems both have such a degree of sensuality that they seem to call out for the female voice. Obviously with Philippe Jaroussky I have made an exception... then again, his artful and artificial countertenor is almost a perversely decadent exception.

    Recently, however, I discovered Gérard Souzay. ...
  5. Peter Lieberson and Lorraine Hunt Lieberson: Neruda Songs

    I've been listening quite a bit to a number of absolutely gorgeous vocal collections. The first of these, in my opinion, is an absolute must-have disc... an expression of the triumph of love... even in the face of tragedy... and death:

    This recording is is an absolutely heart-wrenching experience. The composer, Peter Lieberson (born 1945), studied music and composition with Milton Babbitt and ...

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