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    I will admit that I have never been given to being particularly patriotic. I have always had a tendency towards rebellion with a touch of anarchism but about now I honestly think one of the only reasons I am staying here is because I cannot afford to do otherwise. Granted my feelings might be different if I lived in what I dubb one of the "Good states." I am a California native (and how I miss it particularly now) but circumstances have placed me in one of those unfortunate states in the middle of the country. And right now finances does not allow a relocation.
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    I was reading an article in the Times online about how the Muslims and Hindus are currently getting along in India and it brought to my mind how Pakistan and Bangladesh (once East Pakistan) sort of came about (using my naiveté here) splitting the Indian sub-continent 3-ways...

    Anyway, thinking hypothetically and purely politically in the U.S. - the West Coast and the East Coast are already sundered from the greater Mid-West ideologically, with enclaves in the great Mid-West analogous to the disputed regions of Pakistan and India; Hawaii (and other Pacific Island territories) might be analogous to independent Sri Lanka (all in the most general sense, of course). Alaska's sparse population would likely ebb and flow politically and would be typified as a wildcard state.

    Of course there are discrepancies within states too. My state of California has all the votes in the most populous coastal cities which are (mostly) sundered politically from the vast non-coastal population. I live in the California foothills (Gold Country) which would declare an independent State of Jefferson if it could.

    Not condoning a split in the least... I do love my country's ideals, they unfortunately often fall flat on both sides of the aisle; but I'd be hard pressed to think of living elsewhere (as one of my brothers has), no matter how untied we are.
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    The 4th of July and Independence Day are two different things. Congress voted the Declaration into law on the 2nd of July, and they sent it to the printer after Hancock signed it. The printer brought the printed copies back on the 4th.

    But it would be better, if I were acclaimed Emperor.
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    If you find the way to reality, could you publish that? Otherwise, it is all maya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tailor STATELY
    I almost wrote "Untied States" instead of "United States" when writing this poem as another departure.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
    I think Untied States is a rather apt description. I wonder why we even bother pretending to be a united country anymore. Sometimes I think it would be better if we just said to hell with it, and became individual sovereign nations.
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    I hadn't heard of this movement. I've been conflicted for years also, but continue to celebrate the 4th with friends, and BBQ, from church. A poem I may have posted on LitNet somewhere is recalled here:

    My Conflicted Independence

    In the battle for these United States' independence
    I had, most likely, family on both sides of the fence

    One-half Brit and the bloodline of a founding father
    Should I enjoy the fireworks or act up ? Oh, the bother !

    6/18/2016 r.7/6/2016

    I almost wrote "Untied States" instead of "United States" when writing this poem as another departure.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
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    It is my hope to actually stick around and be active again.
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    Wonderful to see you posting

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
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    100% real here! the reality is it's very quiet now after some spam storms here lol There's still a handful of active members. Always great to see a long-time member make an appearance even if just to say hello. Maybe you'll stay a bit longer. Good to hear your're healthy and have survived your own crazy journey. I think a few others here have a similar tale to tell. cheers, /L