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  1. Update

    My grandma has been in the hospital for about a week now, it's nothing terrible but she need antibiotics injected in her veins and she needs to be constantly monitored for that. Since I'm technically without a job to do at the moment (unless you call waiting for an admission email a job), I go to the hospital in the mornings and take care of her and check up to see if she needs anything: CT scans and etc. Anyway, mostly there isn't much to do around there so I take my kindle with me and read my ...

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  2. Skin Colour-Consciousness among Indians

    An investigation by the World Value Survey discovered that India and Jordan top the list of the least racially tolerant countries on the planet. As an African living in the former for over a year, I have witnessed a number of such incidents. Indians, particularly northerners, associate colour with higher or lower social standing. Needless to say, the lighter colour is held in esteem, while the dark in contempt or as “low caste”. It has been happening for so long and itching for sometimes. I often ...
  3. My earlier period of youth & poem

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    My earlier period of youth & poem

    Well, let me discuss a short view about a period when I was still teenager living in a countryside not far away from the road which connecting between Mosul city and , Dohok city, which it is now considered as a part of Kurdistan territory.
    The area is about 50 km northerly to Mosul and exactly situated at the left bank of Tigris River.
    There I spent my earlier period of youth playing and spending lovely long times alongside
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  4. thread deleted

    Sorry, not now
    this thread is regional affairs and there is cautions

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  5. Babbling in silence

    It's been awhile now. Too much time has gone by since I last wrote anything, looking back on my old posts; I don't even remember that girl anymore. Where to start?
    College is nearly over, just 4 more months and I'll have to face the awful part of graduating: "What now?" Making plans for the future is easy, even working to get where you want to be is a piece of cake! The hard part is not knowing WHAT you want.
    I use to have this clear image of a bright future, being part ...
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