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  1. Letter to a Future Husband

    Something I was inspired to write just for fun after a conversation with my mother.

    "Though you may never know it,
    you would make somebody the perfect wife"

    She said.

    "I have always been more of guy"

    I replied.

    There was laughter among the silence
    but I knew more than you could imagine.

    I have always been low maintenance.
    I don't wear fancy clothes

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    My Poetry
  2. Love

    I love people, I love life, I love God, I love everything...

    The infinite is real. If I left this instant, I would be 100% at peace with it, knowing that within everything is the source.

    Infinite love, light, peace, bliss, and knowledge, thus is the source; thus is reality - inifnite beauty. Thus is reality, all else is nothing.

    Every single doubt - nothing. Every single cruel word - nothing. Every single drama - nothing. Every single word - nothing. ...
  3. Terrror 50 Years Removed

    Being at heart a simple man with simple pleasures and desires I am easily contented. I have wanted certain things from my childhood to be reexperienced or completed and over the years most of these goals have been met.

    For instance: Have read all 20 Bomba the Jungle Boy books.

    Have read all 325 Shadow pulp adventures.

    Have read all 181 Doc Savage pulp adventures.

    Have read all of Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op stories no thanks to ...
  4. A Spring Walk to the Allotment

    Two weeks ago on Friday evening, I was riding home on my bike ready for another couple of days of rest when I heard the tell tale shuffle of rubber on metal. Glancing down I noticed that the back wheel, rather than rotating smoothly, was jerking from side to side as it went round. There was no doubt about it: it was buckled.

    My second best bike had, the previous year, had the same problem, and, with my third best bike - which I was and still am getting rid of also buckled I ...

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  5. The end of the playoffs for Montreal

    Oh it was a wild ride for the Habs this season. They barely made the playoffs, squeaking by with a single point gained in a tie game against Toronto. They came back from behind to beat the top seeded team in the league, the Washington Capitals. When things were looking bad again they managed a second come from behind victory against the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    In the end, they were crushed in 5 games by the Philadelphia Flyers, the 7th seeded team. ...

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