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    Don't worry, while your decisions are constrained by cause and effect, you are not a simulation of a human, regardless of your what you might wish. I think that Port and Madeira are better than martinis, so have a glass of wine. And remember William of Occam.
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    Ok, so right now I'm —as the kids used to say — "weirded out." Less than 24 hours ago I read a New Yorker article with references to this very topic. "All the President's Men" by Jill Lepore describes the first time computer technology was employed in a Presidential election, namely the 1960 race between Kennedy and Nixon. The article ended with chilling parallels to simulation and such exploits by Facebook, Cambridge Analytical, and so forth.

    "And" — as the infomercials are wont to shout — "that's not all!" About a week ago, yours fooly finished viewing the final season of "Westworld" in which a futuristic tech corporation not only gathers info about every individual in the world's population but actually uses the data to design every minute of each person's life. It goes the social engineering one step farther.

    In addition to "The Matrix" (which after seeing all three components I'm not sure I completely comprehend) I'm beginning to recall other cultural allusions to this concept, such as the Series Finale to "St Elsewhere" from way back in 1988. The highly-imaginative gimmick was less like the "It was all a dream" cliché than an early glimmer of the phenomenon of which you speak.

    It all makes me a little angsty. If I were a drinking woman, I'd make myself a martini right about now and do what the great realist James Thurber advised: "Leave your mind alone."
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    Interesting read. I've been working alot, and have not followed the mainstream media news much, if, at all. I hope you are well. All is exceedingly well in the Cayman Islands.
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    It's time for me to update this.