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    Interesting read. I've been working alot, and have not followed the mainstream media news much, if, at all. I hope you are well. All is exceedingly well in the Cayman Islands.
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    It's time for me to update this.
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    I should have mentioned this:
    In 1863, soldiers arrested, tried and found guilty Democratic Sen. Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio for violating Army orders against public expressions of Confederate sympathies. He had denounced the War and the Administration at home and in Congress. President Abraham Lincoln banished Vallandigham to rebel territory. He returned and appealed the action in the Supreme Court.
    and Milligan, in which the Supreme Court found that military courst could not operate in places where the civil courts operated in cases against civilians, but it was too late for Sen. Clement L. Vallandigham, but this is how government by edict operates. Milligan was not decided until after Lincoln had died. Keep this in mind, when a chief executive tries to operate outside the law.
    Did the history of the civil war that you learned evenr mention either of these men? Or did you run into them in a course on constitutional law?
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    Having trouble with the log in but glad to see oyu still here after all these years. I pop in every now and again. Sorry about your father but glad you're still here writing up a storm as usual.
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    I hope things are better for you too, Bluebiird. I like to read your memories.