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  1. Pillow Talk

    This was inspired by a poem I read back when I was taking a class in contemporary poetry. I thought the poem was romantic and playful, but everyone else thought it was dark and disturbing.

    The original, ran along the same idea as my rendition of it.

    Pillow Talk

    Your heart is mine!
    I smile and roll over you
    Your heart is mine!
    I whisper, our fingers twine
    lie to me and you know what I'll do
    I'll run a dagger right
    My Poetry
  2. Stress

    by , 05-14-2010 at 11:29 AM (My Blog...How original.)
    Gah, i hate stress. I get such bad stomach aches. It also turns out that my anxiety is most likely the cause of my lightheadness, dizziness, and the few spells of verdego i have had. By the way, verdego is probably the worst thing ever. The whole world seems to be spinning around you. Tilting, sliding, you feel as if your falling. Last time i had it, i got so nausious i actually threw up. gah...
    oh, and then there's those lovely anxiety attacks. Had those twice. Both had be crying my ...
  3. See things Through Women's Eyes and Bodies?

    Thanks to technology now you can!

    Men never seems to understand women. Here is the begining how men will be girls and all mothers will be truly be happy :-)

    There is endless possibilities for this ;-)

    Updated 05-14-2010 at 10:27 AM by Lote-Tree

  4. Live for the moment

    by , 05-14-2010 at 04:34 AM (Unshackling the feelings)

    Put on some colorful desires,
    Like the decorative wallpapers,
    Covering the fragile emotions,
    On the tainted walls of heart.

    Don't kill yourself every moment,
    Striving for beautiful tomorrows,
    As your real existence is fleeting,
    Burning your life in front of you.


    Don't let the fears obscure
    The ethereal moments,
    And don't be a stranger
    To the passing moments,
  5. Two Unique Voices in "Classical" Music

    While I am currently engaged in a deeper exploration of Baroque music, I still have the "schizophrenic" need every now and then to explore something really different. Currently I am listening to two very unique composers: Tristan Murail and Harry Partsch.

    Tristan Murail is a contemporary French composer (b. 1947). He studied economics and Arabic at the Ecole d'Hautes Etudes before entering the Paris Conservatoire to attend Messiaen's composition class (196772). Stimulated ...