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  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    So sorry about Yuki! I hope you will be able to consult the vet soon and discover what is the matter. It doesn´t seem to be a renal problem. Aged humans often leak too.

    Maybe there is a dog version of these plastic panties babies use around their wrappers. She wouldn´t like them at first, but if she gets used to them you won´t have to take her out so often.
  2. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Hi, Tailor

    What a beautiful collection of roses you have put together!
    "Zoom" meetings probably are fun each one talking from his square! They are certainly the thing to protect one´s health, during Covid times. I hope the course is enriching.

    I hope your church meetings are also on line, 99 in attendance sounds like a bad joke, I hope it is one. There are about about 70 people too many. I read that once the virus arrives, it becomes difficult to control him. The track usually gets lost because of the asymptomatic. And religious gathering as any gathering may be a source of contagion.

    I hope your foot gets better soon. Maybe you really have to change your shoes. Or get comfort insoles.

    Glad your animals are all kicking according to age and temperament.

    What about baby?

    Those are Brazilian Summer temperatures you are having there. And I saw in the news that the burnings in California have started again.

    Power is usually ok here, but it has oscillated a bit of late.