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  1. A Spring Walk to the Allotment

    Two weeks ago on Friday evening, I was riding home on my bike ready for another couple of days of rest when I heard the tell tale shuffle of rubber on metal. Glancing down I noticed that the back wheel, rather than rotating smoothly, was jerking from side to side as it went round. There was no doubt about it: it was buckled.

    My second best bike had, the previous year, had the same problem, and, with my third best bike - which I was and still am getting rid of also buckled I ...

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  2. The end of the playoffs for Montreal

    Oh it was a wild ride for the Habs this season. They barely made the playoffs, squeaking by with a single point gained in a tie game against Toronto. They came back from behind to beat the top seeded team in the league, the Washington Capitals. When things were looking bad again they managed a second come from behind victory against the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    In the end, they were crushed in 5 games by the Philadelphia Flyers, the 7th seeded team. ...

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  3. You think Lit-Net is bad?

    by , 05-27-2010 at 04:41 PM (A Mirror Floating in Water)
    In light of some recent debates on this thread, a few of them which have been quite heated and one which I regret participating in, I would like to take a moment for all of us to recognize how pinchy-pinchy cute we are, even at our worst when compared to. . . . . .Youtube.

    We all are aware of the rigorous intellectual debate found on the youtube comments section:

    mattbootry: you could sell oil to the arabs with an ad like that

    frilloz4: the arabs are
  4. People can be amusing

    I have blog that is dedicated primarily to my darker interests as it were in which I post articles about vampires, werewolves, historical witchcraft, and a variety of subjects relating to myth and lore, and both how they appear in folklore, history, and modern media sources and so forth and a while back I posted an article about Medieval torture devices that were used upon alleged witches and heretics. And someone posted a comment in which they mentioned warlocks. Which was basically the word used ...
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  5. Earth Smells: A List

    Here are the top 5 earthy smells that will ever grace your olfactory nerve:

    1. The steam from peeled potatoes boiling in a pot of water

    2. The morning air after mowing the grass

    3. Dry yerba mate tea

    4. The dust trail that a pick-up leaves after speeding down a gravel road in the dry August heat

    5. The methane bubbles that tumble up from the mucky river-bottom

    Each of these smells brings me a joy of hearth, ...

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