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  1. The Fog

    by , 01-04-2008 at 10:59 AM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)
    The whole Island of Ocracoke is themed to Blackbeard. It was just off this beautiful isle that the famous pirate was finally brought to his death after practically ruling North Carolina from these outlining island entrances and then from port city Charleston. I have been places on the island most tourists never go.

    The Fog

    There is a place I love to go when I really need to relax for a while.
    The Outer Banks of North Carolina—Kitty Hawk down to Ocracoke Island! ...
  2. The Eight-Sided House

    by , 01-08-2008 at 09:15 PM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)
    Hey, as long a we are going haunting, we'll hit the old hometown. You can find this place on the internet. I've driven by it when you couldn't see it for the weeds. Unlike Cullop's Old Stone Tavern here in Atkins, they intend to restore this one. Oh, in case you are confused, I grew up in Marion, and wife and I graduated there. Kids went or go to school there. I moved from Marion to Atkins without moving. They rezoned the towns. Now this is Atkins instead of Rt. 4 Marion. Easier for the 911 addresses. ...
  3. History in the Poetry of Roger White


    "A poet's life, any life, is a process of unfolding realization… a responsibility for poetic values, poetry is a way not only of knowing but also of living in the world, straining towards feelings of consciousness in which what is outside is fused with what lies within the self." - Veronica Brady, introduction to South of My Days: A Biography of Judith Wright, , Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1998.
    -------------------------------------------- ...

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  4. Sir Thomas Wyatt: Renaissance Playboy

    After posting my little imitation of a Wyatt poem, I realized that some of those kind enough to take the time to be reading this blog might not know much about Wyatt or his work, so here's an entry dedicated to the playboy who brought the sonnet to England.

    Life: Here is a picture of Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542), which, as far as I am aware, is the only extant portrait of him. I remember being rather disappointed with this portrait upon first seeing it because it makes him look ...
  5. I'm a Schmuck

    I had some weird experience today. I had a minor car accident. Mind you there was no other car, just a solo accident. I drove into a curb. It was out of the parking lot at work. Good Lord I've only been driving out of that parking lot for over 20 years. The way the parking lot is arranged is that in front of the building is a curb that wraps around a paved parking lot. The parking lot is fairly large and the sidewalk/curb surrounds it except for an openning on each end to go in and out. ...