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  1. Polly Pocket

    The English lads whom I worked with for couple of weeks gave me a nick name: Polly Pocket!

    1. Because they think I'm cute :blush: (so they said, but I guess it's just so that I'll help him more hehehe)...
    2. Because I'm small. Every time they talked about my height, they always talked as if I were the smallest girl on planet earth :sick:...But I think there are smaller females than me.

    It's funny that some nick names don't even related ...
  2. 9/26

    The only kind of morality that is really meaningful is the kind which doesn't care – but it chooses out of more or less logic. . . In other words, one that awakens and says, “I can see that none of this matters, that all of this play of self and other is really a masquerade, the one Being in all of them putting on an ignorance and pretending to live, die, joying, suffering; but none of it is really dying, joying, suffering or beginning because the Being which is all of them is not dying, ...
  3. kudos part ii

    I had posted a kudos blog entry earlier this year
    , and thought I would post another 'kudos' entry regarding the comments, queries, and feedback I get about the site. As usual they are posted anonymously so as to not reveal the identity of the sender.

    Disclaimer: If any of you recognise one as your own, please view it in the spirit that this is intended, as a fun way to get a glimpse into how other people see and use the site.

    Some of the messages I get are ...
  4. You Ask me for Verses

    by , 11-20-2008 at 01:16 AM (Filtering sawdust...)
    You Ask me for Verses
    by Jose Rizal

    You bid me now to strike the lyre,
    That mute and torn so long has lain:
    And yet I cannot wake the strain,
    Nor will the Muse one note inspire!
    Coldly it shakes in accenta dire,
    As if my soul itself to wring,
    And when its sound seems but to fling
    A jest at its own low lament;
    So in sad isolation pent,
    My soul can neither feel nor sing.

    There was a time-ah, 't is too
  5. Happy Thanksgiving & St. Kateri Tekakwitha

    Happy Thanksgiving & St. Kateri Tekakwitha

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I want to wish all my American friends a wonderful holiday. As bad as the times are, and I’ve never seen them like this in my adult life, there are many more things we should be thankful for. Life is good. Here’s a little historical perspective.

    And here’s something silly to enjoy. ...