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  1. Game modding 101

    Since I tend to prattle on about my hobby of game modding, I thought I would explain a little more about it. I know nobody will be interested, but I am just silly that way.

    A game mod is player created content or "modification". Basically games that support modding will have tools released by their development company that typically accompany the game itself, or can be downloaded for free. These are the same tools that the developer uses when they create the game, so ...
  2. Breaking up...

    So...yea. Breaking up. I think it's time to break it off with my boyfriend. I simply cannot not be around someone who drinks, knows they have a problem but refuses to get help and refuses to even think about quitting drinking. There is nothing I can do anymore and I hate it.

    Big HUGE fight earlier, he tried wrestling me to get my car keys and I punched him in the face. One of those "we've reached the point of no return" moments. He took a taxi to a friend's house so I guess ...
  3. The Girl Who Lost Her Soul

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]A pale faced girl drowned in silence
    Spent her days in a world filled with unrealities
    She cried, she mourned, she felt so lonely
    She said "I am broken"
    Piece by piece she vanished
    In a room with no window
    A broken chair and wooden table
    A light bulb and Holy Bible
    Wish that room was a garden
    With roses and orchids and jasmines
    Sweet fragrances, colorful and warmth ...
  4. Used-bookstores

    We can trace our passions to particular individuals who introduced something new to us, either deliberately or incidentally. In my case it was a girlfriend, a relationship that petered out in less than a year. Twice in my life I had been with someone who appreciated a good used-bookstore. The relationship didnít endure, but my love for old books did. There was a decades-long lag between my first period of used-bookstore excursions and my second.

    While the girl moved on, my love affair ...
  5. AIR DISASTER 1960

    Numerous fissures and cracks can be observed on many buildings along the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Sterling Place, in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. This quiet, upscale neighborhood, less than a half-mile north of Prospect Park, goes about its daily business with little notice for defects in a city so rife with fissures, cracks, potholes, etc., all symptomatic of an urban enviroment; like the scars on a person's flesh, these bear silent witness to the ups and downs of life. But, in ...