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  1. Pre-Raphealites

    Andave_ya mentioned that she liked the Midsummer's Eve painting from my "Nice Art" blog post. The artist is Edward Roberts Hughes, who painted in the Pre-Raphealite style. You can learn more about him here.

    Edward Robert Hughes
    Heart of Snow

    Twilight Fantasies
  2. Lifecycles

    by , 02-17-2007 at 10:09 PM (Personal Musings)
    I have been reading a very interesting book on a subject that I knew nothing about before picking up the book. I chose to read it with as open a mind as I am consciously able to open because the subject matter is of a nature that it would be easy to impose my personal philosophies, opinions, and experiences onto, prejudicing my ability to neutrally assessing the author's point of view.

    The book is Lifecycles, subtitled "Reincarnation and the Web of Life", by Christopher ...
  3. Describe yourself

    Hi..I thought to make our forum a little more tight-knit, or something like that, we could do a "describe yourself in 3 words" game...

    I'll start......

    Funky, Odd and unexpected....
  4. St. Patrick

    Reading about St. Patrick (c.390-461), Patron Saint of Ireland in my Oxford Dictionary of Saints (3rd ed. 1992) with my morning coffee, it seems that this guy caused much controversy and was quite the rabble rouser! I think his green beer drinking compatriots would appreciate that

    One of the few sources of information regarding his life is from his own autobiography or Confessio. He was actually born in Kilpatrick, Scotland to a Roman family of high rank (his mother Conchessa was ...
  5. Carson McCullers

    I came across Carson McCullers' The Heart is A Lonely Hunter' days ago and was instantly attracted by the title.
    Yesterday, in the reading room, these similar appeared before my eyes again, only this book was about her biography.
    She is quite special and somewhat strange in others' eyes, especially the ones living near her. She loves wearing like a man not as ordinary girls do,besides, she is addicted to smoking and drinking. She doesn't want to be involved in a crowd but rather leave ...