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    That, anyway!

    As you need a profession, why not try writing, Bluebiird? Itīs something you like doing, you do well and you can do at home. What you have still to discover is if you can earn money with it.
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    I meant lose if this site went down or something. There are no backups
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    They are your memories but may be they are more than that Bluebiird. They may be representative of a sort of life. Anyway, that would be for an experienced editor to say.
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    I forgot something important and it's so significant I'm putting it here.
    Since the cancer I've been saying I/we love you each time we speak because I know I'd regret it if I didn't. I know the first hospital stay worried him because he said he loves me and no matter what he's still my dad and he got choked up. He never does that. Last and only other time I heard him choke up was at his brother's funeral where he replaced "glory glory hallelujah" with "glory glory Tottenham Hotspur" at the top of his voice. It was a very important thing for them. So yeah. That happened too.
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    Thanks that would make sense. There are years of memories here and it would suck to lose them
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    Hi, bluebiird
    Donīt know whether you still read the comments. As Litnet activity is dwindling more and more, I hope you have your blog contributions also saved elsewhere. It might also be the time to thinking of publishing them as a book if possible or, if it isn't on a personal blog on Wordpress or similar.