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  1. letters

    by , 11-02-2006 at 05:41 PM (Imported Poems)
    from the kitchen
    i navigate
    D stairs
    to the bathroom,
    and L more
    from there
    to my room

    once upon a time
    i was afraid of
    falling - isn't that
    every pregnant
    woman's worst

    but then i became
    excited so i stopped
    just counting stairs,
    i wanted to
    teach you
    letters too

    your 5 year-old
    brother has already
    borrowed my copy ...
  2. Tiny Fingers: For Valentine's Day

    by , 11-02-2006 at 05:41 PM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)
    Tiny Fingers: For Valentine’s Day

    I’d planned to write a song about hearts and roses,
    About the love you find just where no ever supposes
    You’d ever find it—so they don’t bother to look.
    A song that filled with kisses and warm embraces,
    And the brilliant smiles that can light the darkest faces—
    Oh, the poetry would fill a book.
    But what came to mind is my own three kids,
    They sure are their mom’s and my greatest gift, ...
  3. ( - )

    To be able to break all walls,
    All doors
    To walk the thorny path and survive
    It sure is love, you proclaim.
    To stand still,
    Though the earth below quivers, shaking your feet
    As if you’re standing on the thinnest ice
    Waiting to shatter and sink you in
    This must be love, you declare.
    To keep on smiling
    And say
    Sweet encouraging words and genuine compassion
    To maintain the daily good wishes
  4. Ignored

    Ignored, like an unwanted package
    Left in the corner
    Busied with their own noisy thought
    And there I was
    Confused by my own deafening thoughts
    Tears showed what happened inside.

    Ignored, like unused instrument
    Kept in an old box up in the attic
    Engaged with their own ambitious dreams
    And there you were
    Puzzled by your own pushy dreams
    Laughter covered what happened inside.

    Ignored, like an uninvited


    A Gothic Horror Story

    by Robert Davidson

    I have killed myself
    and today I attend my own funeral -
    But last night I went down to the morgue
    and there identified your body

    Electric light gives a certain grace to the dead!
    those awful slabs - unknown corpses laid out side by side
    rigid forms cold on marble slabs

    Water distends a corpse unpleasantly