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  1. Catherine Wheel

    The Catherine Wheel was a method of torture and punishment in the Middle Ages.

    It was named so becasue according to ledgend St. Catherine of Alexandria was executed upon the device which is also known as a Breaking Wheel.

    Catherine Wheel

    Battered and broken
    you string me up
    lashed upon the spokes
    for all the world to see
    (for what I ask)
    so I may be made to dance
    in mockery to your tune?

    My Poetry
  2. Revolt Against Closets

    I have a long time aversion to the closet and that whole system of hanging up clothes, I really do not know who first came up with the idea, but I do not find it in the least bit an improvement. For me it just makes things all the more time consuming and inconvenient than they need to be.

    Every time I have to put my clothes away, it is always a big hassle that takes up way more of my time than I think needs to be dedicated to that particular activity. I have always have trouble with
    Random Musings
  3. Fickle is Fancy

    This poem was originally posted in the Picture Poetry Contest.

    Will you continue to look at me, please?
    Fair skin, dark hair, black circles, white sclera:
    You're a pose of contrasts. Metallic blue
    Feathers reflected under mascara.

    They airbrushed you. Can't you see? No face is
    That white, that unblemished, that de-veined.
    You're a Wal-Mart shrimp frozen from the farm.
    Bloodless and raised in a seine to be seined.

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  4. Don't Throw Us Away

    Just to clarify, in this case, the first person narrative does not mean the poem is about me personally, but I wanted to capture the experience all too familiar for many other.

    Don't Throw Us Away

    I begged you to stay
    but you said you could no longer live this way
    hiding the truth night and day
    please don't walk away
    how you act as if this was all just a play
    but you know you will never be happy doing what others say
    is you
    My Poetry
  5. Busy, busy, busy.

    by , 05-06-2010 at 05:50 PM (My Blog...How original.)
    That will be my eternal excuse for not frequenting here anymore. Please don't hate me. Anywho, so i might as well tell you WHAT has been stealing me away from this delightful sight.
    1)I must be honest. Facebook.
    2) But before you condemn me as a traitor let me also inform you of other things i've. Last night i finish sewing a dress for my friend for the formal she's attending. Ha, but i'm not that unselfish. I'm entering a contest. Grand prize is $50,000. nice, eh?