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  1. On Writing - 1st Entry

    All my blogs have been uncatorgorized but I have been intending to start a blog on writing ever since Antiquarian (remember her?) was around. But I never go to it. Antequarian left and I needed her proding to do this. Losing Antiquarian from Lit net was one of the biggest losses we've ever had, and I do miss her. She really focused on writing, and to be a writer is to write. To be a great writer is to write greatly. All that stuff about analyzing literature is academic and meaningless for ...

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    On Writing
  2. My "Green" Yule tree.

    I have mentioned a few posts back my intention to go green this Yuletide be using gift bags to cut back on the waste and other enviromental costs produed by the use of wrapping paper, so here are a couple of pics of our eco-frinedly tree.

  3. Pagan Girl

    I recently had my itunes music moved from my old computer onto my lap top when I noticed that a few songs did not transfer over, mostly songs of which had been downloaded from ther internet so I was e-mailing the songs to myself from the old computer to open them up on my lap top to download them into itunes and I came acorss this song that my dearly beloved had sent me when we were first getting to know each other, and I just thought it was really cute and sweet.

    Random Musings
  4. The next best thing to having my own island

    I was watching one of the paranormal shows which I rather enjoy and they were doing an investigation at a lighthouse when it suddenly dawned upon me that living at a lighthouse would in fact be near to the ideal situation for me.

    For one thing I have always held the fantasy of wanting to own my own island. Primarily as a way of further isolating myself from human society, and having complete control over who I did come in contact with, as my island would not allow trespassers, so
    Soulful Insights
  5. More nostalgia

    by , 12-19-2009 at 12:52 AM (Nostalgia)
    Sometimes bets can go a little far. Throw in someone who demands payment for a bet won, and things can get disastrous. Ross was a vegetarian, and somewhere along the line he bet Brittany and Kelli that they couldn't do a month of vegetarianism. Kelli held out- Brittany didn't. The end of low season was drawing closer, and out of the blue one night after a few beers, Ross shouted that Brittany had two days to pay him back for the lost bet. Brittany stared at him like she wanted to kick him in ...
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