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  1. Prepares for the Lynch Mob

    I think I am about to be accused of being a racist in my history class. I am taking a history class about Mexican-Americans, and the Southwest, and it is an online class, and we have this message bored for the class where we have discussions based upon our readings in which we can post anything we want in the reading for that week, and analysis certain passages, give are interpretations, and such of the like.

    So in one of the books Mexicanos: A History of Mexicans in the United States
    Random Musings
  2. Sarah Palin & I Almost Meet Again

    Anyone reading me for any length of time will know that I have zero interest in politics. I have nothing against people trying their best to keep a monolithic structure of government from collapsing under its own mass but a career in the Air Force has only reinforced the mindset that change can and does happen but usually not in time to solve the current problem and benefit ME at the time I need it. But okay for the future generations.

    I can truthfully say that at about 7:30 pm ...

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  3. Memories

    This is a probject we did in my art class, we had to make a college that represents one day in our life we would not want to forget. Mine is pretty abstact I know.

    My Art
  4. A love poem

    My heart is completely surrendered to you.
    What is there left in this world for me now,
    But to love you?
    I have never known peace until I heard your name.
    I have not known love until you claimed my heart,
    I have not known love until you asked me for my own.
    My heart is completely surrenderd to you,
    My every breath in this life is for you.
    I am lost in a circle, but my eyes now can discern what is true;
    For my whole life spent in illusion, ...
  5. CLUE Oct. 22 08

    by , 10-22-2008 at 05:31 PM (High School)
    Well, today was a bit better than yesterday. My friend (I shall name him ragamuffin) ragamuffin paid me a buck 50 to up his grade 1 pt on homework, so he got a 69(yes, very ironic) Thus providing me with lunch money for later. Mrs. S for warned me off my board-game project due in two days... It would probably be smart to start, don't you agree?

    We went over our diagramming sentences test. I failed admirably. Half the class talked with Mrs. S over their SS, the other half(my half) ...