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  1. Burnt Orange

    by , 06-17-2010 at 09:03 PM (the ocean always dreamed blue dreams)
    I wake
    To mornings' stillness
    And everything in its' place
    Including the usual argument
    That hangs like a sepulchre
    Made of fog,
    And the pain in your eyes
    For which there is no surcease.
    I wander through the day,
    Thinking I must do something;
    All the while knowing
    That the aegean stables
    Are yours to clean
    When you are ready.
    And then its' night
    And your unhappiness
    Is now a physical miasma ...

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  2. How not to find a partner

    I just had the strangest and most amusing e-mail and I am not sure just what the deal was. If in fact it was some sort of scam attempt to try and draw in lonely and desperate people, or if it was in fact legitimate and they were just lonely and desperate, or if they are just crazy.

    But I had this e-mail from this guy, whom is a complete strange to me as far as I know. His e-mail address and name did not ring any bells and did not appear to be anyone I knew from any forums.

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    Random Musings
  3. disappointment

    life is not easy. it has never been, and it will never be. there might be some people whose lives seem perfect, but yet, luck does not always smile on them.
    by the way, i think i should apologize for my sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo long absence. you've missed me? no, i don't think so, but thank you anyway :P oh yeah baby, the cynic is back! lol!
    what is really funny, is the fact that not only life disappoints us, due to the turning points and the ups and downs, ...
  4. My eyes do decieve me...

    by , 06-16-2010 at 02:53 PM (Cloudy Trophies)
    Can anyone understand these things? It seems so farcical Ė that man can be so inventive, so creative, and yet a slave to the physical self! Is it perhaps because my mind so often conjures up mighty vistas of the imagination, never needing banal sight, that my eyes have wasted so? The sheer power of inherent wonderment is often enough; why then am I still so reliant on these weak orbs? Can human craft beget nothing more profound than flimsy plastic plates and tender wires to keep me truly in this ...
  5. The Playroom & More Pictures

    I think Iíll describe the Baby House, as itís commonly referred to, and where we stay with Matthew for the hour we have with him each day.

    The real Baby House was completely different, something that looked like it was set up for children: bright colors for curtains and rugs, pleasant paint hues, large windows for lots of sunshine, potted plants on the window sills, big open spaces, childrenís decorations, two buildings that are connected with indoor corridors, an ...

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