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  1. In Communication Again

    Yay! My ipod is in English again.

    I never got around to asking my sister about the problem to see if she had any ideas on how to fix it.

    I tried syncing it with my itunes but through itunes I could not find a way to access the settings menu that would allow me to change the language, and I did not want to reset it because I have a 1000+ songs and that would take long to have to load them all back again.

    So I figured the best thing to do would be to
    Random Musings
  2. From The Comedian's Journal

    I made this list of "what women want" when I was about 19, which was quite some time ago. I thought it might be fun(ny) to post here. And, hell, it's not too shabby.

    From the Journal
    Here is what women want in men, the definitive list! (Soon to be revised).

    1. A circle of mystery at the center of which is integrity.
    2. Strength -- stout emotional control, respectable biceps, handy with the tools of the workshop, is not afraid of infants.

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  3. Old Leather Solace

    Silver dust motes dancing in a
    Comfortable silence.
    Scrolls faintly reminiscent of Egypt papyri
    Are scattered on the window seat.
    Shelves and shelves full of
    crumbling into wine dark Time.
    Books stacked waist-high, alluring,
    along seductive crimson walls.
    Rich rosewood violin
    glowing in the dusky light,
    reclining on a bottle green cushion.
    The statues of men standing along the walls
    Are uncannily ...
  4. Whither the Wild woods. . . .

    I'm a consistently amazed at the invisible boundaries that we all respect. We bend our behavior to them.

    Let me illustrate. So, I live in the woods. And, barring a few partially fenced areas, the boundary between our yard and "the woods" is marked only by raised beds of leaves and underbrush.

    The other day I took my youngest daughter (2 years old) for a "snow walk" (I carry her into the woods, through the snow and occasionally plop her down in ...

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  5. Crazy of the Year

    by , 12-17-2009 at 08:43 PM (A Mirror Floating in Water)
    I try noy to let myself get political, as a matter of fact, I hardly have any political convictions whatsoever, as I believe that it splits people apart. I always like taking a detached and distant view of things. But this I can't help. Salon magazine has named its 'Crazy of the Year' and to anybody with common sense knowledge of psychology, will find this particuarly correct. Yep, you guessed it.