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  1. The Sonnet: Shelley, Pushkin & Rossetti

    Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was born at Field Place, Sussex. Although energetic, imaginative & mischievous as a child he was eventually educated at Eton & Oxford. At Oxford he read radical authors such as Paine & Godwin & in March 1811 was summarily rusticated (expelled) for distributing a pamphlet entitled The Necessity of Atheism with his friend T.J. Hogg. He was drowned in August 1822 when his small schooner the 'Ariel' sank in a squall. To her dying day Mary Shelley

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  2. Skull Mask

    This is the Skull mask I made for the Day of the Dead

    My Art
  3. jokes!(sorry to read this if you are a man!)

    well, i just received a mail from a good friend of mine, with some jokes, entitled: ways to reject men you don't like. i have translated them for you, i think they are really nice! hey doll, where have you been all of my life?
    woman: i was hiding...from you! i am aphotographer. i am looking for a face just like yours!
    woman: i am a plastic surgeon. i am also looking for a face just like yours. would you like to go ...

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  4. Calltaker Character Building

    It really used to be fun and a break in the monotony to play detective with AAA members. Top question usually is---who is REALLY with the car? I tell the tow drivers I dispatch that I read the emergency road service request like I do the Bible--literally.

    But since the Bible has different translations (usually used as an excuse by lazy readers and believers NOT to study it very hard and I plead guilty) so too can a simple ticket provided by my ineptly trained band of calltakers ...

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  5. do soul-mates exist?

    from time to time, more or less we have all heard a lot about soul-mates. about the famous alter-ego. the mirroring of ourselves in the face of someone else. many have tried to find theirs. i do not know whereas you believe in it or consider it to be a myth, a big lie created by the romantics to remind to the broken-hearted that there will always be a potential to find the ultimate lover. personally, i have dreamed of the white-knight, yes, of the fair prince riding a nice horse, a great deal. though ...

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