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  1. Employment

    After almost six full months, I have now landed a new job. It's been really difficult trying to gain employment in these hard times. The hardest part to getting a career job has been caused by the internet. Although the internet makes it easier to search for all of the job opportunities, it also makes it easier for all the other Johns, Joes, and Janes to search also. There was one factory nearby that I went to personally. After the ad hit the newspaper, I went straight down to the plant to ...
  2. My Life, My Friends= worth living

    by , 06-19-2010 at 04:41 PM (My Blog...How original.)
    Ah, well, so as with everything, or most of everything, there is always some negative when good comes to visit.
    On the negative side, I pretty much can't sing for a month. I have acid reflex, and the acid has burnt my vocal cords. They're swollen and inflamed right now and i need to take it easy. Just not singing is hard enough, but trying not to talk, ha, well let's just say that i'm not there yet.
    Also, one of my best friends is leaving for college this august and there's ...
  3. The light is green!

    When the Earth and Moon
    were close as the oceans
    of their molten blood

    One and not congealed

    When stars long dead
    were newborn

    One infinite mind's eye
    looked on a nascent world
    and permitted a passing conceit
    God's reflection, Man

    Now if that sorry S.O.B.
    would just realize
    the light is green
  4. tired

    by , 06-18-2010 at 03:04 PM (day in a life)
    I am so tired now. my ex still hasn't gotten his new apartment and I am so tired of sleeping on the couch and I just want to finish this all so I can start my life again. I need to buy a bed for both me and my boy but I have no place to keep them 'till he's out but I need to buy them before he leaves because we of course need to sleep somewhere... My brother's girlfriend is helping me with the search for a new bed and I just hope I'll find something soon.

    I am just really ...
  5. Jonah Hex--The Movie

    Was the first to arrive for a midnight showing of Jonah Hex starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox. There ended up about 16 of us or so in attendance. One young fellow and I talked about the comics and characters after the film and was an enjoyable time. We were both wondering during the film if WE were the only ones that ever read the comics.

    I give it a 7 out 10 but that's loyalty to one of my top favorite series of them all. The Avengers and Batman are up there of course. The ...