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  1. The Flow of Water

    The Flow of Water

    Thoughts must be allowed
    to flow like water
    if they are to create

    A dam that blocks
    waters passage
    also blocks
    My Poetry
  2. Joe Dassin

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever heard of Joe Dassin? An old, dear friend of mine who has since gone out of my life once left me with a large quantity and variety of music...currently I'm listening to Joe Dassin, a French artist, the song is "C'es La Vie Lily;" it's just really catchy and uplifting.

    apparently, he looks like this:
  3. Night Thoughts

    Night Thoughts

    As night falls
    I must be honest
    with myself

    In the darkness
    the soul is in
    the most turmoil

    Every star
    another lost thought
    eternally trying to
    reach out

    But always
    held within
    the same place
    unable to connect
    My Poetry
  4. Creatures of My Night

    by , 11-14-2008 at 10:37 PM (Poetry, Random Thoughts & Ramblings)
    This was originally intended to be a poem about vampires, but it went in totally different direction with a different meaning all together.

    Creatures of my night

    The creatures of my night
    Have no soul, no hope, no life
    They devour me, and tear me apart
    No part of my sleep is untouched
    Because my sleep is void and without rest
    No matter where I hide
    They are there, there in every corner of my mind ...
  5. "Amor a Primera Vista" (3)

    So I mentioned I had approximately 2/3 of it written down on paper. I have now finished transferring it onto the computer. I will be working on the last part this weekend, but I imagine it will be quite difficult. Enjoy.

    “One kiss...please?” he uttered with that low, husky voice and hypnotic stare. I observed his mouth as he spoke; it was so small, but so gentle.
    “I can’t...” I whispered, my breath was heavy - as was my heart.
    “Just 2 seconds. Close your eyes.” ...