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  1. The Harelequins Last Dance

    I wrote this for a competition on another forum. You were given a list of words that had to be included in the poem, and the poem could be no longer then 30 lines.

    I really liked how it came out.

    The Harlequins Last Dance

    There is a most macabre tale to be told
    of a harlequin of such great pulchritude
    her face was painted in shades of lavender
    and her smile was sublime, upon her comely
    legs she wore white-checkered stockings
    My Poetry
  2. Hanging out with Chava

    was awesome!

    Cozy place
    Lovely conversation
    Fine double shot cappuccino with soy milk

    Totally rocks!

  3. so lonely......

    if you have a changeabe mood or frequent moments of blue, you should better not read this.
    i feel a little depressed these weeks. melancholic. i am not in a good mood. i don't go out, i don't want to. i stay in my room most of the day. i argue with my parents all the time, don't they see that i am not well? damn, i feel awful! my mother asked me what's wrong with me yesterday, but i did not wish to answer. i just said, several stuff, i do not want to talk about anything. but they don't leave ...
  4. The Well Inside

    The Well Inside

    I can find no words
    to express what I
    want to say

    I ponder away the
    passing hours but
    there remains a blank

    Questions pour form
    my mind, but they
    have no answers

    Only this well inside
    of me, ready to brim over
    but there is that something
    not quite right

    A missing piece
    I desperately seek
    delving into the depths
    My Poetry
  5. Dos Passos - I

    Not quite done with the trilogy. I'm about a quarter of the way through the last book. It's been very hectic at work and I haven't much time to read or blog. I'll eventually have a longer blog on the interesting construct of this novel, but first I want to revisit the 600 pound gorilla.

    I blogged a while back about how sex lurked in the periphery. You knew it had a role in the story, but it was never explicit or really discussed. It's just there. This struck me the most in reading ...
    My Literary Journey