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  1. Yowsa!! Wink Wink

    by , 10-19-2008 at 08:37 PM (Diary Of A Shadow)
    So I was in the library chatting on the internet as I usually do. ( I don't have a computer at home so basically I'm at the library everyday.) when all of the sudden the emergency lights went on for the entire building where two hundred people had to be evacuated from the inside to the outer parking lot area.

    ( Including myself.)

    ( Probally some punk kid pulled the fire alarm thinking it was cute.)

    As random luck would have it I met one of the librarians ...

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  2. Lake Lady

    I picked up this book called River of Words, which was a collection of poetry and artwork in honor of water, and that inspired me to do this one

    My Art
  3. Pieter Breughel the Elder (c. 1529- 1569)- pt. 2

    Beyond his more fantastic work Breughel was a master of the landscape. He is largely credited with perfecting the so-called "world view" or the high point of view from which the horizon stretches back to infinity. He is also unrivaled in his ability to suggest weather and atmosphere. His greatest landscapes comprised a series of paintings known as the "Months" or "Seasons" of which 5 survive. There may only have been 6 (one for every 2 months), but if there actually ...

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  4. Pieter Breughel the Elder (c. 1529- 1569)

    Pieter Breughel the Elder was by all standards an absolute giant in the history of art. In some ways his reputation is not unlike that of Titian, Velasquez, Ingres, and Bonnard... a painter's painter who only grows in estimation over time. I first came to him through the work of Hieronymus Bosch and imagined him originally to be something of a poor man's version of Bosch... complete with preening peasants dancing. With time I realized he was much, much more (not to underestimate Bosch... an absolute ...

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  5. Lady of the Dunes

    Lady of the Dunes

    A whisper in the ear
    stirs against the air
    she stands a nameless soul
    forgotten by time

    Her eyes plead
    in her offered cry
    while she remains
    among the dunes

    Her story untold
    one faithful night
    her life snuffed out
    and here she fell

    Grains of sand sifting
    over her bones
    until her corpse unearthed
    and unknown

    None to answer
    My Poetry