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  1. V for Vendetta

    by , 06-25-2010 at 07:00 AM (Reflections on the puddle of life)
    We watched this movie the other weekend. I always forget how much I love it. Yes, Natalie Portman's accent is a bit ropey sometimes, and John Hurt is a little OTT, but those minor niggles aside it's a fantastic movie.

    Based in London, under the pall of a dictatorship, V for Vendetta tells the story of a terrorist (freedom fighter?) known only as 'V' who dresses all in black and wears a Guy Fawkes mask and has a penchant for blowing up public institutions. Then V meets Evey (Natalie ...
  2. More Baroque Listening: Biber and Vivaldi

    Well, today I spent fully getting back into my current obsession with classical music. Two new discs arrived in the mail:

    Zelenka I have already discussed above... but I must say this latest disc is quite marvelous... and I am still impressed with the muscular, driving rhythm of Zelenka's music. Heinrich Ignaz ...
  3. Summer Listening and Zelenka

    With summer having arrived I am on break from teaching and have a goodly amount of time to spend in my studio working on my own artistic endeavors (painting). Perhaps it is that feeling of freedom linked with a bit of remembered youthful rebellion that we all felt when the school year wound to a close... but for whatever reason, I have been spending a lot of time recently listening more to rock, jazz, gospel, blues and even bluegrass. Among my recent purchases are the following:

  4. Some Noted and Not So Noted Authors from The Saint Magazine

    Recently I spent some time skimming through some of my Saint Mystery magazines reading various short stories. I read some of Leslie Charteris' Saint stories to see how they hold up NOW. When I was a pre-teen they couldn't be beat until I discovered Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm (and the Nick Carter Killmaster series but that's a whole other better left unposted story). Young adult to the mid-40s found me looking somewhat with disdain at them as mystery and adventure stories but mellowness has set ...

    Updated 06-24-2010 at 09:57 PM by mtpspur (typos and missed a title to Christie)

  5. The Fall of La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    The Fall of La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    You have me lashed down
    upon your altar of sacrifice
    naked flesh torn and twisted
    laid down beneath the chains
    you bind me to.

    My wings severed
    there is no room left for escape
    as I stare into the hopeless
    sky above and cry my tears
    in pools of moonlight.

    You've ensnared me
    in your midnight eyes
    caught my reflection before the
    My Poetry